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Vienna, VA – June 20, 2018 – Vin43, the premier wine consulting firm, announced today the pre-order availability of the book “43 Wine Regions: A Practical Guide to the Top Regions and Vintages Around the World” on The book, written by Vin43 Managing Director Michael Biddick, crunches the numbers on climate data, consumer reviews, critic scores and quality systems to discover the top wine regions and best recent vintages.

Hundreds of Internet websites debate wine and food pairings, praise the best producers, and dissect nearly every aspect of the juice extracted from grapes all over the world. What many wine industry experts don’t like to talk about is the tendency to push many wines to the top of reviewers’ lists based on marketing hype.

With thousands of wineries from dozens of countries producing wine from a multitude of grapes and blends, everyone is chasing differentiation, accolades from the press, and top scores from wine experts. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, Biddick shares his notes to help consumers select wines at restaurants, order bottles online, or shop at their favorite wine shop based on data.

“43 Wine Regions: A Practical Guide to the Top Regions and Vintages Around the World” was written for people to throw in their carry-on bag as they traveled to faraway countries where some of the best wine is produced. Join him on his journey as he synthesizes conversations and tastings with winemakers around the world and concrete data to arrive at a list of practical recommendation for wine enthusiasts. The book will be released on October 2, 2018.

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